Can A Healthy Diet Actually Cure Acne? Let Us Expose The Truth…

Can A Healthy Diet Actually Cure Acne

You can ask practically any medical doctor what connection there is between acne and diet, and most of them, if not all, are going to claim that none exists.

The Journal of the American Medical Association says that diet doesn’t play a role in the acne treatment of the majority of patients, as even high volumes of particular foods aren’t clinically shown to exacerbate acne.

angry man

Given the many years of clinical experience and actual medical education that has gone into such claims, how dare we as the general public that suffers acne challenge these statements to think otherwise?

The answer is you must doubt everything. Doubt, when remaining in a reasonable place, can open doors that might otherwise not get opened. Whether you want to admit it or not, doubt can change reality. Doubt can even cure you of your acne, and doubt might even save your life.

The truth is, there are too many acne sufferers that reported their acne deteriorated after they ate particular foods, and they saw dramatically positive results with their skin condition if they eliminated the very same foods from their diet, or when they incorporated foods that had known nutritional value.

So, why again are dermatologists so doggedly determined to say diet doesn’t trigger acne?

Our simple conclusion is that they cannot make money promoting healthier eating. There’s far more profit for these large medical corporations by selling prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Doctors are subject to a tremendous amount of pressure from pharmaceutical and drug corporations to prescribe their patient’s pricey tablets, lotions and medications that create the patient being dependant on regular supply.

doctor advising
The unfortunate reality is that your Doctor or your Physician is in many ways a hostage of many of today’s drug companies. Did you know that most medical schools are sponsored by drug companies that have no interest in the production of medical treatments that they are not able to financially benefit?


Consuming the correct healthy diet on a daily basis, can, in most circumstances, reduce inflammation, and completely clear your acne if an allergic response to food has triggered your Acne.

The truth of this matter is that conventional medications will not cure your acne as they have not been designed to heal the underlying internal cause of your acne.

They’re in fact designed to deal with surface symptoms on your skin, which you continually use and become dependent.

It’s A Myth That A Bad Diet Does Not Cause Acne

The idea that diet doesn’t cause acne and that acne is a genetic disorder without cure was based on research published all the way back in 1971 and 1969 with a focus on studying how acne and diet correlated.

bad diet for spots and pimples

The studies carried out back then ended up being the foundation of how the mainstream medical community treats the symptoms of acne.

Therefore, the only thing that can be done is a treatment of the symptoms, such as greasiness, puss, redness, inflammation, and bacteria, through the use of prescription drugs, over-the-counter products, antibiotics, and creams.

Shockingly enough, in the years following those studies, clinical trials and more in-depth research did experiments that showed the acne-diet link is real, and that the 1969 and 1971 studies had reached false conclusions using flawed methodology.

More recent research shows that diet and acne are very much related. It is now known that an improper diet can impact the natural process of toxin eliminations negatively and even have a harmful impact on the regulation of hormones, all of which leads to acne being very aggravated.

You Are What You Eat, Including Your Acne

you are what you eat

In much how crashing waves over time shape the coastline and how winds and rivers shape canyon walls, your eating will shape your internal systems, your physique, and even your mind, from cellular levels all the way up to your most significant organs and your skin.

It’s absolutely ridiculous to think that we can insert foreign objects into our bodies through eaten food and expect no effect on any chronic conditions, like acne.

It’s a cliche that we are what we eat, but it’s also entirely correct.

The impact of diet on the human body is cumulative, and that’s just as true for acne and skin conditions as it is anywhere else, considering that acne is often the final manifestation of a long-running chronic problem that builds internally over many months or years of eating the wrong things every day.

A Look At The Acne Diet Across The World

bad cysts on face

In the United States, at the time of writing, 80%of teenagers aged 16, 17, or 18 had acne, joining the 17 million Americans suffering some level of acne. Interestingly, there is evidence that native populations that followed traditional lifestyles and diets had either no acne or very little of it.

Back in 2002, a landmark study was published by Dr. Cordain and a number of his colleagues. They had examined a few hundred individuals living off the coastal waters of Papua New Guinea, in the Kitavan Islands.

They discovered that not one of the islanders had a single blemish on their faces.

A similar study had been done examining the South American tribe of Ache Indians, who had no cases of acne in their home in the jungles of Paraguay.

In both populations, there was no access to dermatologists, topical creams, over-the-counter products, or conventional acne medications. In fact, diet was the primary difference between them and Europeans or Americans.

The Sweet Poison Of Sugar As Part Of The Acne Diet

Nevermind the truth that sugar’s purely chemical through and through without any nutritional value. Recent research has demonstrated a clear connection between sugar consumption and acne aggravation.

sugar is sweet poison


When you ingest any kind of refined carbs, be it white rice, white flour, or white sugar, your body spikes its blood sugar levels.

In order to bring such levels down, your body must secrete surges of insulin, male hormones, and IFG-1, an insulin-like growth factor. Excreting such hormones will overwhelm your liver, not to mention your general internal systems.

An excess of these male hormones encourages your skin to then excrete copious amounts of sebum oil, which is a greasy substance that promotes the growth of p.acne bacteria, and the creation and aggravation of acne is often the result.

The Correlation Between Acne And Dairy Products

Milk, or for that matter any dairy product, is a food that aggravates acne, triggering allergic reactions and forming mucus.

Are you shocked? Probably so. The media has been brainwashing people for decades, telling everyone that milk is great for healthy teeth and strong bones.

In truth, each sip of milk you take has nearly five dozen raging hormones that trigger your body into producing more sebum oil than you’ll ever need. That’s on top of cow pus, white blood cells (that are dead), steroid hormones, and saturated animal fat.

do not eat dairy products

Were you aware of this little fun fact: The FDA, the federal government’s own Food and Drug Administration, allows 750 million pus cells per liter of milk that gets produced in America. Keep that in mind the next time you decide to pop one of your zits.

Numerous scientific studies have illustrated how cow milk is one of the absolute worst foods for aggravating acne. As Dr. Jerome Fisher points out, around 80% of cows that give milk are themselves pregnant, so they are putting off hormones constantly.

Progesterone is something that breaks down into various androgens, known as an implied acne factor. Dr. Fisher has had his own acne patients stop drinking milk and seen their acne improve.

If you decide to remove any element from your diet, then this is just the one that might pave the way to clear skin.

Not only are you going to see immediate improvement in your acne, you’ll likely feel as if a tremendous weight was lifted away from your body.

Don’t worry about your calcium intake. Milk is an acidic-forming food which triggers a leeching effect. In doing so, calcium gets pulled from the bones as the body attempts to balance its own acidity.

Milk is actually something that deprives your body of its needed calcium. To boost your calcium while fighting acne, eat leafy greens, seeds, and nuts.

Your Diet Is Just One Factor That Causes Your Acne

Sugar and dairy products are far from the only foods that aggravate acne. Those two alone can’t possibly sum up the entire list of foods made in the Western world that trigger acne.

If you want to clear up your acne, there are other foods you also need to make sure don’t go on your plate.

fruit vegetables healthy food

Fortunately, there are also many good foods you can use, like essential fatty acids.

Not only are essential fatty acids great for your skin, but they also help clear up your acne as your body is rebalanced towards being an acne-free environment.

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the complicated process that is acne formation.

When medical doctors claim that diet and acne are NOT linked just because some folks can eat particular foods and get acne, while others won’t, it means those doctors haven’t realized that acne aggravation and formation is the result of multiple factors, and diet is just one such factor.

Take The Right Steps To Cure Your Acne Forever The Healthy Way

The condition of acne is a complicated one, and more than one underlying factor is what triggers it.

If you want to actually and fully neutralize any acne condition that you’re facing, then you need to tackle all the factors, at once, and holistically.

face pimples and blackheads

Given that an improper diet is itself only just one such acne-triggering factor, it makes sense that no one special diet will cure acne in most cases.

However, a very tight connection exists between a person’s diet and their acne formation. Dietary factors have the power to either trigger acne or even aggravate existing acne.

Avoiding improper foods like hydrogenated oils, sugar, and milk, when paired with eating foods like essential fatty acids and leafy green veggies that cleanse the body and balance hormones, will help a person’s skin heal on its own from the inside to the surface, substantially reducing acne symptoms.

If you’d like to kick acne to the curb for good, then you need to understand and adhere to a number of crucial dietary principles.

When you assume responsibility for your own body and adhere to the dietary principles listed here, coupled with taking other steps necessary to tackle the contributing factors of acne, you can holistically cure your acne, perhaps permanently, so you enjoy the flawless skin free of acne that you deserve.

On top of that, you’ll improve your total health and wellness and look and feel better than ever.

The Acne No More system is a resource that uses a completely natural approach to clear those annoying spots, zits, cysts and bring back your smooth skin that you had during child hood and feel great about yourself again, and do so without the assistance of various acne products or dangerous medications.

Tens-of-thousands of men and women of all ages and skin types have found a complete cure using the Acne No More System entirely naturally without the use of drugs, topical medications, OTC’s (Over The Counter) or any other “Magic pill” solution.

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