Take The Liquid Diet To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

Take The Liquid Diet To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

A Liquid diet can be very effective for weight loss.

If you are one that have tried all the weight loss plans posted across the internet and that don’t appear to have lost the desired amount of weight, should consider this diet.

There is no conventional liquid diet that people use or recommend. It’s just all about varying the nutritional and fresh vegetable juices in a bid to find the perfect combination that you enjoy drinking and that works for you.

A well-planned diet can result in significant weight loss within just two weeks. That may seem quite unrealistically looking at the way some people have struggled with their obesity for years, but believe it or not, it’s possible.

If you want to find out how you can accomplish this feat, please read on.

About Liquid Diets

Switching to a liquid diet means merely replacing all the whole and solid foodstuffs with juice, smoothies, frozen bars and other fluids.

drink for liquid nutrients

This diet is effective in weight loss since you restrict the body off any calories by cutting off solid foodstuffs, but still providing your body with easy to absorb nutrients.

The process of weight loss happens when the body burns more calories than it receives, and when the deficit between the two calories reaches the average 3500, you lose approximately a pound of weight.

The body requires about 2000 calories to maintain its weight, and most liquids provide the body between 500 to 100 calories daily, which means that you create a massive deficit by switching to the liquid diet.

Take note that the liquid diet prescribed for people who are recovering from surgeries are not applicable in weight loss since they are meant to be gentler on the gut.

Losing Weight In Two Weeks

If you want to lose weight in two weeks, ensure your liquid diet is composed of the following fluids:

Drink Healthy Water

drinking water

Water is an essential part of any liquid fast due to its therapeutical qualities.

It gives the digestive system a rest and helps in the preservation of muscles even during the weight loss process.

Drinking water at set intervals will keep the body hydrated and make you feel full to relieve any temptation to snack.

It is evident that you and your body may take some time to get used to water alone and therefore it’s recommended that you start off with juices and then progress to water once the body adjusts completely.

The Lemonade Diet

lose weight with lemonade

Lemonade Diet is a fluid diet that entails taking lemon for cleansing the body accompanied with maple syrup for additional nutritional value.

The Lemonade Diet method of liquid fasting is most suitable for people who want to lose a lot of weight within a short time, typically within a ten days.

It is quite comfortable to the body and can be very effective over these brief periods.

Bone Broth Diet

bone broth soup

Bone broths are rich in nutrients and contain a lot of minerals and gelatin.

When preparing this soup, make sure you include a touch of vinegar wine to remove minerals like calcium and magnesium.

The best bones for this purpose should be from organically raised animals and is essential to let the bones simmer for some time before boiling them.

Vegetable Broth Diet

warm vegetable broth

The Vegetable Broth Diet is an integral part of any liquid diet owing to the vitamins and minerals within the vegetables.

Any organic plant may be used, with the process involving covering the vegetables with water and letting them simmer for around half an hour. Adding dark green vegetables helps to increase the nutritional value of the broth.

Vegetable broths can be very nourishing, hydrating and extremely good for the weight loss process.

Drinking Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices

vegetable and fresh fruit juice

Drinking various juices is a popular choice for most liquid diets, and the juices here are pure fruit and vegetable ones, being all kinds of fresh, raw and organic vegetables and fruits used.

Fresh juices are very rich in nutrients, and it may be necessary to dilute them with water before consuming to avoid any stomach upset.

It’s best to prepare the juices naturally in the comfort of your own home, as the commercially purchased juices contain added chemicals to aid shelf life, with a reduced amount of fresh, vital nutrients.

Lets Summarise

The liquids mentioned above are what typically makes up a liquid diet to help you to lose weight in such as short space of time, such as within a two week period.

weigh yourself on scales

Note that the amount of fluid taken every day should not exceed three liters for effective weight loss.

Start by taking liquids only for the first three days, as this will start to reduce your stomach size and therefore change how much food you consume and the way you eat.

After three days, start by taking small portions of cooked vegetables and then increase the amount of food you eat slowly as the days go by.

You are free to eat any regular healthy food after six days except for foodstuffs that are rich in calories.

Periodically include the liquid diet into your diet plan to lose weight in just a couple of weeks.

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