Check Out Our Tips For Losing Weight On A Budget

Check Out Our Tips For Losing Weight On A Budget

Trendy fitness classes and fad diets can be quite pricey. However, it is worth noting that you do not have to spend big bucks to reach your weight loss goals. Here is a look at nine tricks that could help you lose weight relatively fast and at a fraction of the cost.

Consider Preparing Meals At Home

working in the kitchen

Instead of ordering costly ready to eat meals, which are often loaded with calories, consider cooking your meals at home.

Shopping for, and using some of the healthy recipes available, is one of the best ways to prepare your low-calories yet delicious meals.

According to a recently conducted study, planning out meals for the entire day can help you realize your weight loss goals.

Cooking high-fiber meals such as whole grains and beans from scratch will leave you feeling fuller for longer and are cheaper alternatives to processed grains and not-so-lean proteins.

Eliminate Portion Control Guesswork

small portions

Some of the weight-loss programs out there work because they portion meals on your behalf.

Studies have shown that almost everybody underestimates how much they are eating most of the time.

Instead of going for expensive pre-portioned meals, consider getting acquainted with proper portion sizes, as this will help ensure you cap your overeating tendencies.

To make sure you are on the right track, start by using a measuring cup or kitchen scales to measure your food servings. Do this until you can measure portions without using measuring equipment.

It is also vital that you do your best to make recipes that have built-in portion control, such as casseroles that can be divided easily.

Prepare Food in 100 Calories Packs

packets of food

Get yourself a set of kitchen scales and pull out those measuring cups.

Measure out separate servings of your preferred healthy snacks (nuts, whole-grain crackers, etc.) and pack them in small zip-top bags or reusable containers.

For a waist-conscious yet super-affordable snack, consider preparing homemade popcorn as your preferred snack. Popcorn kernels do not cost that much, and you can always air pop them in your microwave.

Just put two tablespoons of your popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag, fold the opening a couple of times to seal and place the bag in the microwave. Set the timer for several minutes and let the popcorn cook.

When the popping sounds start to recede, that means your popcorn is ready. 3 cups of cooked popcorn offer 105 calories and 3 grams of fiber, provided you have not added butter. The great thing is that popcorn is whole grain.

Track Everything You Eating

track everything

Studies have shown that documenting everything you eat will go a long way in helping you lose weight.

Consider buying a notebook for this specific purpose or getting a food-tracking app, there are a few out there, most being free.

The point is to make sure that you write everything you eat down to help you aware of what you are eating, making it easier for you to put a rein on mindless snacking.

Get More Creative With Exercising Options

There is no need to spend a monthly gym fee just to get in shape when you can always find fun yet easy activities you enjoy doing for free.

If you have just started out, consider starting with simple things like taking walks on a daily basis. Start slow and then build your speed and time.

Have Fun With A Partner

exercise partner

One powerful resource that you have at your disposal is your social network.

Consider finding a friend who’s also looking to lose weight and come up with a plan to help each other get in shape and stay motivated.

Studies have shown that when buddies participate in a group weight loss program, it’s easier for them to reach their weight goals and stay in shape longer than those doing the same program working on their own.

Another study conducted in 2011 showed that when co-workers placed in separate groups and competed against each other, the teams were able to drop more weight than individuals who followed the same weight-loss program on their own.

Don’t Be A Bore And Treat Yourself

Having something to motivate you to reach your goals can go a long way in keeping you driven. However, the incentives should not involve food.

Consider taking the night off from your daily to-do’s and simply relax while watching a rented movie.

Increase Your Veggie Intake

eating vegetables

Eating more vegetables is one of the best ways to lose weight and to ensure all-rounded health.

They not only packed with lots of fiber and water, but they are also are low in calories, leaving you feeling fuller for longer and eating less.

Save money by shopping for vegetables that are in season. Frozen vegetables are a good bargain since they contain as much nutritional value as fresh veg considering they are picked and frozen while they are still in their prime.

Eat Less For More Weight Loss

Eating less is one of the best ways to lower your weight and costs too, especially if you are cutting down on all the right things.

Start off by cutting down on pricy meats, like beef and poultry, to about 3-ounces per serving.

Alternatively, consider swapping meat for inexpensive vegetarian proteins, like eggs, tofu, lentils, and beans, in some of your meals.

When eating out, consider eating half of the main course and save the rest for lunch the next day

Eating less is one of the best ways to whittle your waistline and stretch your budget.

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